Email alerts for PHP errors via SEC

Production systems should always have PHP’s display_errors disabled and log_errors enabled so errors are logged instead of displayed to users. Of course, you’ll want a to be notified when errors happen and that’s where a nifty tool called SEC (Simple Event Correlator) comes in. It’s not very sexy, but its incredibly powerful and can be used for all sorts of log watching tasks.

Here are some helpful guides for getting started:

At HipChat we use a config like the following to to monitor Apache’s error_log for PHP errors and send us emails:

# Capture error lines and store them in apache-php-errors
pattern=^\[.+\] \[error\] \[client .+\] PHP .+$
desc=PHP error or warning
action=add apache-php-errors $0

# Report errors every minute if apache-php-errors is set
time=* * * * *
desc=Mail web errors
action=report apache-php-errors /usr/bin/mail -s "PHP errors" [email protected]; delete apache-php-errors;

Assuming you put this config in /etc/sec/apache.conf you’d run:

$ sec --conf=/etc/sec/apache.conf --input /var/log/apache2/error_log

Try writing a few of your own rules (the –debug flag is very helpful) or the examples in the tutorials above. SEC is incredibly powerful and can make complex monitoring tasks very simple.